Super Bowl Special - Money Back Guarantee
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Super Bowl Special - Money Back Guarantee

Trevis Waters

We have been thrilled with how great our NFL Prop Predictor has been for all our Bet Karma Premium subscribers this season! We want to make sure everyone gets a taste of it before the NFL season officially comes to a close next Sunday. What better way to do this than with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?!


What is the "Prop Predictor"?

Bet Karma has incorporated their proprietary prediction algorithms into an easy-to-understand sports betting tool known as the "Prop Predictor". There are predictive analytics that help power this tool for all NFL, NBA, and MLB slates! Here is a screenshot of what the "Top Props" of our Prop Predictor tool look like:

What is "Bet Karma Premium"?

Bet Karma Premium is the sole subscription for that grants instant access to EVERY sports betting tool Bet Karma offers. The best part about this promotion is that everyone who signs up for Bet Karma Premium during the Super Bowl Special will ALSO get access to the NBA Prop Predictor!


Here is how to get in on the action:

1. Sign up for a free account (CLICK HERE)

2. Subscribe to our Bet Karma Premium package (CLICK HERE)

3. If our NFL "Top Props" finish the Super Bowl with a losing record, EVERYONE who signed up for Bet Karma Premium since this promotional article was posted will be 100% refunded in full. Example: If there are 3 "Top Props" and they finish 1-2 or worse, everyone gets their money back.(Everyone who signed up during the promo will get refunded even if our NBA Prop Predictor's "Top Props" (that they will also have access to) hits at 100% during this next week!)


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