NFL Draft - Top 3 Exact Order
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NFL Draft - Top 3 Exact Order

Justin Bales

We’re closing in on the 2022 NFL Draft, as it’s only one day away. There are a plethora of mock drafts floating around with every analyst having a different idea of what’s going to happen. Reports will consistently contradict each other at this point with teams leaking false information. There are plenty of bets available across the industry at this point, specifically with exact pick numbers, draft positions, position totals, draft matchups, first offensive player, college props, and more. In this article, I’ll outline what I’m looking to do with bets for the NFL Draft - top 3 exact order. 

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NFL Draft - Top 3 Exact Order

NFL Draft - Top 3 Exact Order (+500, +550)

I’m taking somewhat of a unique approach to this bet. I’ll break down some of my thinking as to why I’m specifically attacking these two bets.

The key to this bet is that I feel fully comfortable with the first two picks of the draft. For quite some time, Aidan Hutchinson was seen as the obvious choice for the Jacksonville Jaguars at the top of this draft. That isn’t the case anymore, as Travon Walker is now a -250 favorite to be the first player selected. 

We’ve consistently seen Jaguars GM Trent Baalke draft athleticism over production throughout his career. Walker’s the more athletic option of the two edge rushers, and he arguably has the higher ceiling. This type of pick has Baalke’s name written all over it. 

With Walker being selected first overall, arguably the best player in the draft in Hutchinson falls to second. If this were the other way around, I’d feel significantly less confident. I don’t believe that the Lions pass up on the Michigan product, though, and even if they trade out, someone would be moving up for him. Hutchinson’s also up to -300 to be selected with the second overall pick. 

Since I feel fairly confident in the first two overall picks, I’m using the top 3 exact order to get better odds on a pair of players that I believe will be selected third. 

The Houston Texans have several holes throughout their roster, specifically at cornerback and along the offensive line. First, we have Ahmad Gardner, who is one of the best cornerback prospects in recent years. Surprisingly, Derek Stingley Jr. boasts better odds to be selected with this pick than Gardner. If we shift around, to the cornerback props, Gardner has -175 odds to be the first taken at the position. 

It’s a bit of an odd situation, although I don’t truly believe any reports that state Houston has Stingley higher on their draft board. Although he’s flashed elite skills and was given a clean bill of health at his Pro Day, Stingley’s been significantly more inconsistent than Gardner throughout their collegiate careers. 

The second option here is Ikem Ekonwu, who is seen as the best offensive tackle in this draft. He boasts -200 odds to be the first offensive lineman selected, and he holds the second-best odds to be selected third overall. I’m fully expecting Gardner to be the pick here, but if they aren’t going with a cornerback, Ekonwu makes far too much sense. 

The reason I’m betting these as top 3 exact order is because of the added odds. If you aren’t confident with the first two overall picks, you can bet each of these players are the third overall pick, although the odds drop. 

In the case below, we’re essentially betting 1 unit to win 2 if Gardner is the pick or 2.25 if Ekonwu is the pick. 

* Bet 0.5 units on Travon Walker/Aidan Hutchinson/Ahmad Gardner (+500) to win 2.5 units on DraftKings Sportsbook - Click the link to receive up to $1,000 sign up bonus

* Bet 0.5 units on Travon Walker/Aidan Hutchinson/Ikem Ekonwu (+550) to win 2.75 units on DraftKings Sportsbook - Click the link to receive up to $1,000 sign up bonus

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