Manav's Tennis Tweener 3/1/2020
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Manav's Tennis Tweener 3/1/2020

Manav Mehta

♦ Hello Everyone ♦

Well I had to take a break last night since I was busy with homework tonight. We have a wonderful slate of games that will be over before you even wake up . In my last article we went 2-0 as they both won in comfortable fashion. Hope to keep that momentum going into tomorrow.

Article Record: 48-43 (+9.5 Units) 

For tennis I try to take into account many different factors such as handedness, type of court, head to head, and current form. Through these I try to find the best available plays for each given night. I will be posting two single plays every single night and recommend you only play 1 unit per bet. 

If you have any questions with units and bankroll management check out Bet Karma as we have plenty of content for you.

All odds in this site are shown from DraftKings Sportsbook


Caroline Garcia ML 1.35U to win (-135) to profit 1 Unit 

My first play starts at 11:30 Am Est so make sure to get this in before then. Caroline Garcia had an incredible year last year and has started slow this season but she will be better as the season goes on. I love to pick on Minen. She has no composure. Her serve is horrible this is gonna be a murder. Garcia probably has one of the easiest first round matches she could have gotten. This will be a straight set win for sure. 

 Ysaline Bonventure 1U to win (+140) to profit 1.4 Unit

My second play starts at 5:00 Am Est so make sure to get this in before then. Yeah sometimes these lines are just flat out stupid. Ysaline leads the H2H between these two and is constantly playing main draw matches. Kostyuk is always playing challengers and ITF matches with no experience. I expect her to get it done and handle business in a quick manner. She will get it done in 3 because since it is WTA someone 

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