Manav's Tennis Tweener 3/2/2020
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Manav's Tennis Tweener 3/2/2020

Manav Mehta

♦ Hello Everyone ♦

I am writing this as I am enjoying Venus Williams play. Hopefully she can keep it up for a couple more years. Again my last article we went 2-0 as they both won Garcia won in the last set tiebreaker so that was fun . Hope to keep that momentum going into tomorrow.

Article Record: 50-43 (+11.5 Units) 

For tennis I try to take into account many different factors such as handedness, type of court, head to head, and current form. Through these I try to find the best available plays for each given night. I will be posting two single plays every single night and recommend you only play 1 unit per bet. 

If you have any questions with units and bankroll management check out Bet Karma as we have plenty of content for you.

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Viktoriya Tomova ML 1U to win (+133) to profit 1 Unit 

My first play starts at 6:15 Am Est so make sure to get this in before then. Magda French is horrible, in terms of form and just overall she has totally lost it in my opinion. Tomova has been playing exceptionally well recently and should continue her glorious form into tomorrow. This will be a tight one but Tomova will win this one. I do not believe the odds correctly reflect this match.  

 Camilla Giorgi Set Score 2-0 1.14U to win (-114) to profit 1 Unit

My second play starts at 5:00 Am Est so make sure to get this in before then. Camilla Giorgi is clearly the better and more experienced player in this match. She should run through Lapko. Lapko does not really have a serve to work with so she will get broken probably every single game. Giorgi will hope to end this in a hurry as she has a tough matchup next round and she will want to rest for that one.

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