Manav's Tennis Tweener 3/5/2020
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Manav's Tennis Tweener 3/5/2020

Manav Mehta

♦ Hello Everyone ♦

All streaks are meant to be broken and that is what ended up happening. I lost after both players got off to a hot start.  But died down and choked their respective matches happens to the best of us we can just move forward and forget.

Article Record: 52-45 (+11.5 Units) 

For tennis I try to take into account many different factors such as handedness, type of court, head to head, and current form. Through these I try to find the best available plays for each given night. I will be posting two single plays every single night and recommend you only play 1 unit per bet. 

If you have any questions with units and bankroll management check out Bet Karma as we have plenty of content for you.

All odds in this site are shown from DraftKings Sportsbook


Sofia Kenin Set Score 2-0  1.7U to win (-170) to profit 1 Unit 

My first play starts at 10:00 Am Est so make sure to get this in before then. Kenin is finding her stride again after winning the Aussie open. She demolished her opponent today and I expect more of the same here. She is playing a challenger level player so I expect a bloodbath. Kenin should be able to cover the spread here as well. Expect her to make the other girl run the whole match and tire her out.

 Tamara Zidansek 1U to win (+108) to profit 1.08 Unit

My second play starts at 11:45 Am Est so make sure to get this in before then. Tamara has been playing probably the best tennis of her career and gets a nice match with Potopova who was injured at the end of last match. She almost choked a 5-0 lead in the final set. So I will take the more informed and less choke worthy player here.

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