Manav's Table Tennis Tweener 3/29/2020
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Table Tennis

Manav's Table Tennis Tweener 3/29/2020

Manav Mehta

♦ Hello Everyone ♦


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The quarantine from tennis really took a big toll on me the first weeks. But after studying 2 weeks of table tennis I have really changed my outlook on this break. I have been crashing constantly and have been in dominant form. This an opportunity to use my research to make yourself some money.

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Ivan May 1.4U to beat Telnoy (-140) to profit 1 Unit 

My first play starts at 5:30 Am Est so make sure to get this in before then. May ended last night on a 4 game win streak and obliterated his last opponent 2-0. Guess who it was? Telnoy was struggling to find any openings the whole match. I expect the same result here. May is the higher ranked player for good reason and should continue his dominance into tomorrow morning's competition.

 Anna Krasilova 1.4U to beat Grushko (-140) to profit 1.18 Unit

My second play starts at 5:30 Am Est so make sure to get this in before then. Grushko has been horrible this whole tournament not just dropping sets but just quitting in the sets. Krasilova has also won 4 straight and in pretty quick fashion. She should have a field day with Grushko. The only thing is that Grushko has more matches under her belt so maybe her experience could help her but i expect a blowout nonetheless.


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