Joey's MLB Prop Bets Wednesday 08/05
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Joey's MLB Prop Bets Wednesday 08/05

Joey Cartwright

What’s up Karma Nation! Welcome to another edition of my Prop Bets article. In this article I will be outlining one of my favorite Prop bets of the day. To find my other prop bets and all of the other staff’s favorite bets make sure to sign up for the MLB Premium package.

  • MLB Record:
    • July: 6-1 +7.33 units
    • August: 0-2 -4 units
  • WNBA Record:
    • July: 6-6 -1.7 units
    • August: 2-1
  • NBA Restart Record:
    • July: 1-2 -1.43 units
    • August: 1-1-1.35 units

All Prop lines are based on Draftkings Sportsbook. Lines may vary based on time you are reading this or if you are using a different bookie.

Sean Manaea OVER 4.5 Ks -143 2 units to win 1.40 units (Oakland): Manaea is going up against the Texas Rangers in his third start of the season. He recorded a bad 9 innings pitched on 7 strikeouts. This is probably the reason he is only priced at 4.5 Ks tonight. Our brand new Optimizer at DFSKarma has him projected for 6.08Ks on 5.47 innings pitched. He is going up against a lineup of 7 righties and 2 lefties. He has a pretty even k% against righties and lefties at around 27%. Where he gets them is the sliders vs changeups. Against lefties he throws a slider 35% of the time, the two lefties he is facing struggle a lot against sliders. Choo has a whiff% of 47% and contact % of 53%, while Gallo has a whiff % of 63% and a contact % of 37%. These numbers are both awful. Against righties Manaea likes to throw a changeout. He throws a changeup 22% of the time to righties while only 5% against lefties. 4 righties on the Rangers have a contact % over 78% against fastballs with 2 over 90%, which they all drop around 30% contact % when going against a change up.

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