Joey's MLB Prop Bets Sunday 09/06
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Joey's MLB Prop Bets Sunday 09/06

Joey Cartwright

What’s up Karma Nation! Welcome to another edition of my Prop Bets article. In this article I will be outlining one of my favorite Prop bets of the day. To find my other prop bets and all of the other staff’s favorite bets make sure to sign up for the Premium package.

September Records:

NBA: 1-4 -4.7 units (Took a 1 unit shot at a +800 payout and barely lost)

WNBA: 6-4 +4.95 units (Missed Aces -10.5 by 0.5)

MLB: 1-1 -0.25 units

All Prop lines are based on Draftkings Sportsbook. Lines may vary based on time you are reading this or if you are using a different bookie.

Shane Bieber OVER 8.5 Ks -122 2 units to win 1.64 units (Indians): Let’s take a dive into one of the best and most consistent pitchers in the league. Bieber has played amazing all year and looks to continue that hot start again today. He has started 8 games this season and is 6-0 with 52.2 innings pitched and 84 strikeouts during that time. He has an insane K/9 rate of 14.25 k/9 and a 32.5% k%. He gets the Brewers tonight who will be featuring 7 high k% batters, batters who have a k% of 21% or more. Outside of his fastball he throws a slider to righties 40% of the time and a curve to lefties 30% of the time. Both the righties and lefties for the Brewers struggle against these pitches. Only Urias has a Whiff % under 30% for the righties against Sliders and every lefty on the Brewers have a Whiff % of 30% or more against Curve balls with Bieber rocking an amazing 50% whiff % on his curve balls. Bieber should dominate this game tonight and easily go over 8.5 Ks.

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