Joey's MLB Prop Bets Friday 09/18
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Joey's MLB Prop Bets Friday 09/18

Joey Cartwright

What’s up Karma Nation! Welcome to another edition of my Prop Bets article. In this article I will be outlining one of my favorite Prop bets of the day. To find my other prop bets and all of the other staff’s favorite bets make sure to sign up for the Premium package.

September Records:

NBA: 8-9 -1.65 units

WNBA: 16-9 +14.17 units

MLB: 8-6 -1.11 units

NFL: 2-3 -1.24 units

All Prop lines are based on Draftkings Sportsbook. Lines may vary based on time you are reading this or if you are using a different bookie.

Zach Plesac OVER 5.5 Ks -148 2 units to win 1.35 units: Unfortunately, there is a lot of juice today on pitchers for DK tonight. -148 was one of the better lines I could find. Plesac has had a great start to the season and he is looking to build on that tonight against a poor Tigers team that really struggles hitting the ball. Every player in the lineup tonight has a k% over 20% with one all the way up at 35%. Plesac isn’t an amazing pitcher but he gets it done with volume. His k/9 is only 8.5 but makes up for it by consistently pitching over 6 innings. He averages a little under 7 innings and close to 100 pitches a game. This season Plesac’s Slider has been killing Righties. He throws a slider 33% of the time, with a strike rate at 40%. The righties for the Tigers all struggle hitting sliders with all of them having a whiff % over 35%. While the lefties will have to deal with changeups, he throws a change up to lefties 30% of the time as well, with a strike rate of 30%. Both the righties and the lefties struggle hitting against a changeup as well. If we can see 7 innings from Plesac tonight he should have an easy time getting over 5.5 Ks!

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