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Good morning, afternoon, and evening. I want to go over this Thursday game from multiple points of view. Island games are always interesting because there is a heavier focus on it due to being the lone game. There are always different nuisances of these Thursday games that we should be aware of. Teams that must travel have three less days to rest and recover from their prior game. Athletes are creatures of habit and routine. These Thursday games usually throw off their routine. Having less time between games also forces players with nagging injuries to have less recovery and treatment time. There is a less likelihood of a mildly injured player suiting up on these Thursday games due to the lack of treatment and rehab time between the games. On the coaching side, there is less time to watch film, and prepare and draw up game plans for the opponents. Nevertheless, we always enjoy these games because it is the only game in town. Let's look at what I believe is an interesting matchup.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-5.5) @ Chicago Bears (44.5)


Here we have a battle of two teams that are both rated in the top six in the NFL. From a team rating perspective, this matchup is the best combined of the week.  Both teams come into this matchup with top five pass rush units, top five rushing defense and both rank in the top six in overall defense. With two teams that seem to be equally dominant defensively, we must find something to differentiate them. Offense is a huge difference between these teams. Tampa Bay is the seventh best offense in the NFL, which should come to no surprise. Having the seemingly ageless Tom Brady throwing to arguably the best wide receiver duo in the NFL will bode well for you offensively. Leonard Fournette does have an outside chance of playing this game, however Chris Godwin is unlikely to play. I imagine these injuries will take the Buccaneers' offense down a notch, but I don’t think it will cripple them. The Bears on the other hand, are middle of the road offensively, but bottom ten in passing. We should be aware that most of their rating came from having Mitch Trubisky at the helm. His replacement, Nick Foles did not look incredibly impressive against the Colts after his marvelous comeback. I imagine the quarterback job is his for the foreseeable future. Another thing that separate these teams is special teams. Chicago has the best special teams unit in the NFL. While special teams aren't as glamourous of a skill, there is a lot of hidden yardage and hidden affects that special teams bring to a game. I am looking forward to this game to see if Tampa Bay's offensive firepower will be the difference in this game, or if the Bears special teams unit will be able to make enough plays to bring them home a win. I feel like the Buccaneers are legit. I still feel like the Bears are counterfeit. Two of their victories came in fluky fashion against teams that employ head coaches whose job should be in jeopardy. The one victory that they looked decent was against a pitiful Giants team that I truly believe is one of the worst in the NFL. Keep in mind, the bears struggled in this one as well. The Buccaneers, after falling to the Saints on the road in the season opener has rattled of three straight wins, all by seven or more points. They have put up at least four touchdowns in these victories. Although these quarterbacks are in very difference places then when they met in 2018 in the historic Superbowl, I am looking forward to see if they shake hands after one is declared the winner



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Betting tip of the week (Thursday game edition) = Thursday games will have a lot of bettors that are solely betting on the game in order to have action for the night. There is less logic used in the bets that they make, so the bet % means less. Just something to keep in mind when looking at handles and bet % for these games.


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