Joey's MLB Prop Bets Wednesday 10/14
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Joey's MLB Prop Bets Wednesday 10/14

Joey Cartwright

What’s up Karma Nation! Welcome to another edition of my Prop Bets article. In this article I will be outlining one of my favorite Prop bets of the day. To find my other prop bets and all of the other staff’s favorite bets make sure to sign up for the Premium package.

October Records:

NBA: 4-3 +2.6 units

MLB: 2-0 +2.01 units 

NFL: 5-5 -1.54 units

Total: 10-8 +2.07 units

September Record: 58-48 +25.91 units

All Prop lines are based on Draftkings Sportsbook. Lines may vary based on time you are reading this or if you are using a different bookie.

Tyler Glasnow OVER 5.5 Ks -120 1.20 units to win 1 unit: Glasnow has a tough matchup today against the Houston Astros. The Astros have the lowest K% in the league, but that doesn’t mean we have to immediately go under on him. Glasnow pitched on the 9th for only 2 innings after only getting 2 days rest from the previous game on the 6th. So, he basically hasn’t really pitched since the 6th because he only pitched 37 times to 7 batters, while not recording a hit. Glasnow is one of the best pitchers in the league and the Rays will look to finish the sweep tonight. This series has been a lot lower scoring than we saw from the Astros in their previous two series. The Astros are only averaging a little only two runs a game, with the starting pitcher only allowing one run in the first five innings of every game. Glasnow has a league high 14.3 K/9 rate, averaging around 1.4 Ks per inning. For him to get to six Ks he only needs on average around 4 innings. Since this matchup is harder than normal, I am expecting him to need five innings to go over, which he can definitely do. We have him projected for 6.36 Ks today in 5 and a half innings and he can easily get to 8+ Ks if he gets on a roll. Since the Rays are looking to close out the series today, I could easily see them giving Glasnow six or seven innings if he is doing well. So, his ceiling is off the charts. Even in a tough matchup, if he gets six or seven innings he will easily go over. The only time he has gone under this mark was two of the first three games, where all the pitchers were struggling to get things going and last game where he only pitched 2.1 innings on 2 days rest. I full expect him to have little trouble going over.

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