Bet Karma Chris week 7 plays
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Bet Karma Chris week 7 plays

Chris Hastings

NFL Week 7

NFL Teaser and player prop

Season record (13-9-1) +9.80 units


Great last week.  All the plays were easy and pain free.  Win 3 plays for 7 units without a sweat.  Week 7 doesn’t have quite the look of a no sweat weekend, but I think I have a good teaser that won’t be a problem.  Tampa looked awful strong after Aaron Rodgers humped the air in the endzone.  Green Bay didn’t score a point after and Aaron threw some interceptions.  

I wonder if the hit put on him going into the endzone had anything to do with Rodgers lackluster performance.  I guess that is why if you have a chance to nail a QB you take the penalty, but in this case the refs picked up the personal foul call because he had reached the endzone.  Only problem is they pulled the ball back out of endzone because cause when a QB goes to the ground they have given themselves up.  Really good decision from the defender to pound Rodgers into the ground and take him out of his normal game.

I am really interested to see if the Patriots can bounce back from last week’s debacle.  I thought Cam’s shoulder looked done when he was with Carolina, every ball he threw was short and into the ground.  That is what I saw last week in the game, so I am looking forward to seeing if Cam can create the magic of the first 2 weeks before the Rona virus affected him and his team.

Been arguing with a few friends, but really think the Browns should be looking to trade for a QB that can throw the ball to receivers.  Fitzmagic or Marcus Mariota  are available through trade.  Blake Bortles would probably do a better job than Baker at this point.  Baker has zero pocket awareness and loves to throw off his back foot moving backwards. This move is difficult for guys with great arms, but with an average arm it is devastating to the a team.  Baker is tough to watch and is holding his team back from a huge year.



Week 7 Plays

Teaser: 3 unit play

 Bills (-.5), Carolina (+17), Green bay (+6.5)


Straight Play 1 unit

Green Bay -3.5




Plus 7 units Week 6 Recap

Teaser: (4 units)

Winner Ravens +.5, Pitt ( +6.5), Dolphins (+1) 



Straight play (2 unit play)

Winner - Pitt (-3) bought the hook.  -140

Winner - KC -5.5 (1 Unit), added in discord





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Bet Karma Chris




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