Week 10 Bet Karma Chris plays
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Week 10 Bet Karma Chris plays

Chris Hastings

NFL Week 10

NFL Teaser and player prop

Season record (18-12-1) +5.20 units

            Week 10.  Here we go, crazy how fast the NFL season is going.  The NFL has done a tremendous job managing the covid nonsense and getting games in each week, sure we has some postponement, but for the most part it has gone very smooth.  


            Couple games to keep an eye on for the weather.  Cleveland, Pitt, New England and Chicago are all at home today with rain and wind in the forcast.  This doesn’t give me a lot of faith in QB’s that have average arm strength.  Cam Newton, Baker Mayfield will struggle in the windy conditions today.  


            Minnesota has started to trend the correct direction and the Bears can’t find any offense with either QB, I am real interested to see what transpires in Chicago today and what happens after the game if the bears lose the game.  I think that Nick Foles could be done after today with a loss and Mitch will be put back in the lineup.  Nick Foles just hasn’t clicked and he doesn’t have the leg speed that Mitch has to get some first downs when the offensive play breaks down.        


            Anyway, lets get to some plays, going to play a 1pm teaser I really like and then a late game teaser.  



Week 10 plays

Teaser  4 units

NYG (+14), Det (+7), Houston (+14.5)


New Orleans (pk), Baltimore (+3), Cincy (+17)


Straight Play 

2 units

Las Vegas -3.5




Recap of week 9


Week 9 Plays

Teaser 3 units


Winner -Ravens (+8.5), KC (pk), NYG (+12.5)

Loser - Pitt (-4.5), Tampa (+5.5), NE (pk)


Straight Play 2 units

Winner Ravens -1.5 





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