Bet Karma Chris week 12 plays
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Bet Karma Chris week 12 plays

Chris Hastings

NFL Week 12

NFL Teaser and player prop

Season record (22-14-1) +7.20 units

            No Article last week, just plays on discord channel.  I have been just Treading water the last couple of weeks, but still up 7 units on season.  

            Interesting weekend for the NFL, San Francisco has no place to play at home or practice for the next couple weeks as their county has shut down contact sports.  Denver Broncos have no QB to run plays due to covid restrictions.  The line has ballooned up to 15.5 against the saints.  The NFL can’t allow this game to be played with the broncos out 4 potential QB’s, but we will see how it is handled.  

            The lions have fired their coach who showed promise his first couple seasons, but has since sputtered and not finds himself out of a job.  I would love to be an NFL coach just to get fired and collect a couple million owed on a contract while sipping rum and cokes on an island. 


            On to week 12, looking to hit two teasers and a straight play.


Week 12 Plays:

Teaser 3 units:

Miami +3, NYG +4, Buf +6.5

Greenbay +.5, Seattle +4, KC +6.5


Straight Play:

NYG -6



Recap Week 11 plays

Teaser  3 units

Loser - Teaser Atl +13.5, pitt -.5, Det +9

Winner - teaser GB+11, Minn +2.5, KC +2.5



Straight Play 

2 units

Winner - Cle -3.5







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Bet Karma Chris



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