Week 13 Bet Karma Chris plays
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Week 13 Bet Karma Chris plays

Chris Hastings

NFL Week 13

NFL Teaser and Straight play

Season record (24-13-1) +13.20 units

It looked like the NFL was punishing the Broncos for not following the protocols in place to prevent from losing all players at the QB position. The Broncos played hard, but you can’t beat a team like the Saints without an NFL QB. The worst part is they never even practiced with the wide receivers behind center. They stood a zero chance of winning, or even covering.  

We had a non-sweat set of teasers last week other than the Rams. I'm not  sure how they can look so great one week and awful the week after, especially when I am betting on them. It seems when I have a play against them, they are unstoppable. Another Jekyll and Hyde team is Vegas, one week they are competing with KC, and the next they are getting blown out. Vegas is matching up against the winless Jets, and people are betting the Jets. Unreal.

There is a big match up with Cleveland taking on the Titans today. Cleveland is getting 4.5 is a fair price. I think the Browns hang around in this game and make it interesting. In the end, the Titans should bully them off the field with the run game. On to some picks for the week. Good luck


Week 13 Plays:

Teaser  (3 unit)

Vegas +2.5, Clev +14.5, Jacksonville +20

NYG +21, GB +1, KC -3.5

1 unit - Straight play:

Buffalo +1 


Recap Week 12 Plays:

Teaser 3 units:

Winner- Miami +3, NYG +4, Buf +6.5

Winner- Greenbay +.5, Seattle +4, KC +6.5


Straight Play:

Loser -NYG -6


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Bet Karma Chris



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