Joey' NFL Season Long Props
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Joey' NFL Season Long Props

Joey Cartwright

What is up Karma Nation! I hope you enjoyed the Hall of Fame game last night. We finally got a taste of the NFL season, but if you are like me, you probably turned it off at halftime when the excitement wore off. We are going back-to-back with NFL season-long articles and today we are diving into props. The nice thing about these season-long props is if you can’t play on a book, Prizepicks has you covered. This article will focus on season-long props where you can play on a book but also jump on over to Prizepicks and parlay them together for an even bigger payday. If you do not have an account yet, click the link and use promo code KARMA for a deposit bonus.


As always, to find all of the other staff’s favorite bets make sure to sign up for the Premium package. All prop lines are based on DraftKings Sportsbook. Join today and get a bonus deposit match of up to $1,000! Lines may vary based on the time you are reading this or if you are using a different sportsbook. Check out where to bet to find other sportsbooks in your state. Let's dive in. 


All bets are to win one unit**


Dak Prescott Over 4795.5 Passing Yards (-110):

Prescott was unreal last season, averaging 371.2 passing yards per game. An unreal, unsustainable rate which would have put him in the race to be the first player to pass for over 6000 yards in a season, if he could have sustained that rate. Now we all know that he is not going sustain numbers like that this season, but he is 100% in consideration for a 5000-yard season, especially with one extra game this year. This was partially due to the lack of defense the Cowboys played. Therefore, game script was always in his favor and teams played prevent defense against them. Although, that doesn’t mean that we should take his under. The Cowboys are still underdogs in over half their games and a report came out that they don’t want to give Zeke 20-25 carries. The yards should be translated nicely to Dak to put up another season of amazing passing numbers. 4796 passing yards in a season is 282 passing yards a game if he can stay healthy and play all 17 games. This number is almost half that of last season. He has a couple of tough pass defenses, going up against Washington twice, Tampa, and New England. Outside of those games, he should have an easy time slicing through these poor pass defenses all season long.


Tua Tagovailoa Over 260 Fantasy Points:

This is more of a Prizepicks specific prop compared to what you can find on books since most books do not offer fantasy points props. 260 Fpts is only 15.3 Fpts a game if he appears in all 17 games. Last season, Tua did not appear in a game until week 8 playing 10 games and averaging 14.05 Fpts per game. Although, there were three games where Tua did not finish the game and Fitzpatrick had to step in and finish the game off. Now that Fitz is gone the Tua is in the drivers’ seat with no one to get in his way. In the seven games where Fitz did not play, Tua averaged 17.7 Fpts per game, which would put him on pace for 301 fpts for the season, blowing past this total while only needing 15 games to go over. Coming off his rookie season looking more confident running the offense during training camp. Now in his Sophomore campaign having a whole off-season to work on his game without a nagging hip injury and the Dolphins using the number 6 overall pick to add Jaylen Waddle and signing FA Will Fuller should add a whole new level to Tua’s performance.

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