Chris Olave Player Prop vs Minnesota
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Chris Olave Player Prop vs Minnesota

Stuart Durst

We finally have another real week of College Football to gamble on! College Football not only offers spreads but with the growing legalization of gambling across the United States we are seeing player props offered more and more. Certain states don't allow you to bet them if you live in the same state as your team, so watch out for that. Ohio State at Minnesota is gonna be the subject of this article. Currently, a -14 spread means that Ohio State is expected to win but it won't necessarily be easy. Ohio State has one of the best receiving corps in the country and that's what I'm looking to target tonight. 


0.5u Chris Olave o90.5 Receiving Yards -110 


Chris Olave is PFF’s number one graded wide receiver coming into this year, for good reason. He was a walking highlight real last season, hitting this number in 4 of 5 regular-season games and 1 of 2 playoff games. Getting experience vs elite NFL ready cornerbacks in a playoff situation only gave confidence to the young wideout, who put up 132 yards and 2 TD’s against an elite Clemson squad last year. Let's look at his numbers during the season last year. 


6 - 104 - 0 vs Nebraska

7 - 120 - 2 vs PSU

5 - 64 - 2 vs Rutgers 

8 - 101 - 0 vs Indiana 

10 - 139 - 1 vs Michigan State 


Not only did he put up incredible numbers but he did it against some of the most talented competition in the world. Minnesota has a fine secondary but are they really gonna be able to keep up with the best receiving core in college football? Yes OSU has a rookie quarterback coming out but that doesn't worry me, this is a great game to get his feet wet and let his starts like Olave do all the work. I'm excited to watch Chris Olave start out his Heisman campaign tonight vs Minnesota. 


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