Manav's US OPEN Round of 32 Best Bet
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Manav's US OPEN Round of 32 Best Bet

Manav Mehta

♦ Hello Everyone ♦


For tennis I try to take into account many different factors such as handedness, type of court, head to head, and current form. Through these I try to find the best available plays for each given night. I will be posting two single plays every single night and recommend you only play 1 unit per bet. 

If you have any questions with units and bankroll management check out Bet Karma as we have plenty of content for you.

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Jenson Brooksby ML  2.4U to win (-120) to profit 2 Unit 

My first play starts at 3:15 PM Est so make sure to get this in before then. If you have been following me for a while you know I have been betting on Brooksby before his climb to fame this summer. His trademark is his two handed slice, it's a thing of beauty. In the last 3 months Brooksby has been 10-3 on harcourts compared to Karatsev 3-3 record. He has played more and has tasted more winning. Ever since his run at the Australian open Aslan has not been the same player he takes too many risks. Brooksby under pressure on his own serve is serving at a better percentage compared to Karatsev, it is 54% to 48%. He also saves more breakpoints and holds serve at 82% compared to Aslan’s 77%. Brooksby is also the better returner at 41.3% compared to Aslan at 38%. I think these statistical advantages will help Jenson take the edge in this match.


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